FEMA Public Assistance and HUD Disaster Community Development Block Grant

- Assistance, Preparation and Tracking - 

2011 will go down on record as being one

The Madina Group (TMG)  helps clients work through the complexities of federal grant programs while ensuring they maximize federal participation in their recovery efforts.  TMG can help in reducing the burden clients will face while trying to navigate very difficult programs and processes. 

TMG will assist ...

  • with gathering and uploading all relevant documents to support the application process.

  • in all meetings scheduled by FEMA or GOHSEP to ensure effective and efficient grant management.

  • in scheduling and participating in all site inspections of damaged facilities.  

TMG will prepare ...

  • damage assessment reports for review and concurrence.

  • all documentation and requests for information.

  • all correspondence and quarterly reports as required. 

  • monthly status updates to ensure accurate reporting. 

TMG will track...

  • all payment requests submitted and received.

  • monthly status updates to ensure accurate reporting.

  • all necessary files to process grants for closeout.

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